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Introduction to Alchemical Inner Work

Psychological applications of alchemy

This month’s paid subscriber workshop is on the application of Alchemical Inner Work1. If you’re interested in watching the class, you can upgrade now or purchase the class directly here.

How can we apply the principles of alchemy to our inner work?

As a psychological tool, alchemy provides a symbolic framework of how to understand the nature of the psyche. Drawing upon the metaphorical language and concrete practices of the alchemical art, this class explores how to identify the prima materia (an initiating point of our self-work) and the practical techniques to facilitate its development and transformation.

We explore:

  • A Jungian understanding of alchemy.

  • The significance of symbolism in alchemical language and how it relates to the psyche.

  • Techniques for identifying and symbolically representing the prima materia in our personal experiences.

  • Core alchemical operations and their psychological counterparts.

  • Practical applications of alchemical inner work principles for personal transformation and self-discovery.

After watching the video, I invite you to join me in the comments for discussion, to ask questions and explore the exercise from the class.

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