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Alchemical Inner Work: The 4 Elements (recording)

The alchemy of fire, water, air & earth

This month’s paid member workshop is on the technique of Alchemical Inner Work, with a focus on the elemental operations. If you’re interested in watching, you can upgrade now or purchase the class directly here.

What are the practical and psychological applications of the four elemental operations?

In the practice of alchemy, each of the classic four elements has its own corresponding operation that taps into both its concrete properties and symbolic implications. In this class, we revisit and expand upon the Alchemical Inner Work technique, this time with a focus on the elemental operations of calcinatio (fire), solutio (water), sublimatio (air) and coagulatio (earth). We explore how they are depicted in alchemical manuscripts, the archetypal themes they encompass, correspondences in mythology and how to utilize them to deepen our inner work.

Topics include:

  • A Jungian and archetypal approach to alchemy

  • Overview of the four elemental operations

  • Symbolism, psychological meanings, and archetypal themes of each elemental operation

  • Examples of how they manifest in mythology and daily life

  • How to apply the Alchemical Inner Work technique for personal growth and self-development

After watching the video, I invite you to join me in the comments for discussion, to ask questions and explore the exercise from the class.

Early Access + 10% Discount on the Alchemical Inner Work Guidebook

Included for members below is early access to the new Alchemical Inner Work Guidebook which explores the basics of the technique along with 14 operations that can be used in practice.

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