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Tarot & Shadow Work

Accessing hidden aspects of the psyche

This month’s paid member workshop explores how tarot helps us tap into and work with the shadow. If you’re interested in watching at the reduced member rate, you can upgrade now (and gain access to the full archive of Artemisian workshops), or purchase the class directly here. There’s also a free preview if you’d like to get a sense of the content of the class.

How can we use tarot to reveal and integrate aspects of the shadow?

Utilizing foundational principles from Jungian psychology, this workshop explores how the symbolic and archetypal themes in the tarot help us uncover unconscious material and engage with the shadow. We examine how tarot can serve as a powerful tool to access hidden aspects of ourselves, delve into the chthonic and underworld dimensions of the cards, and consider shadow themes within the tarot. Through practical exercises, we’ll learn techniques to bring these insights to light, fostering deeper self-awareness and pathways to integration.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the shadow from a Jungian perspective

  • Utilizing tarot to access and engage with the shadow

  • Exploring shadow themes via The Moon, The High Priestess, The Devil, and Death

  • Ways to consider the chthonic, underworld aspects of the cards

  • Practical application via exercises and a shadow work tarot spread

After watching the video, I invite you to join me in the comments for discussion, to ask questions and explore the exercises from the class.

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