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I share writings and teach workshops that weave archetypal studies and inner work with Jungian psychology. These offerings aim to unveil the rich tapestry of images, symbols and psychological patterns that shape our lives, and to help facilitate personal growth through their understanding and integration.

In everything I create, my goal is to share educational insights that inspire curiosity into the nature of the psyche. This often involves weaving my own stories and the lessons I've learned along the way, or adopting a broader viewpoint, providing actionable, universally relevant guidelines for the journey.

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An educational hub and inner work community exploring self-development through the lens of archetypal studies and Jungian psychology.


Alyssa is an educator and writer with a focus on Jungian psychology and archetypal studies. Her work explores the images, symbols, and psychological patterns that shape our lives, and the personal growth we can foster through their understanding.