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Mythic Inner Work

Psychological applications of mythology

This month’s paid member workshop is on the technique of Mythic Inner Work1. If you’re interested in watching the class, you can upgrade now or purchase the class directly here.

How can we apply mythic perspectives to enhance our inner work and personal growth?

In this workshop, we explore how mythology helps us deepen our understanding of the psyche and inner world. Utilizing foundational principles from Jungian and Archetypal psychology, we’ll learn how to view aspects of our self-work within a mythic framing and the practical techniques to dialogue with these inner figures to cultivate awareness of self, paths towards healing and integration.

Topics include:

  • A jungian perspective on structures of the psyche (with a focus on complexes, archetypes, ego, and the unconscious)

  • Cultivating a mythic perspective towards our inner and outer lives

  • The archetypal psychology approach of personification

  • Figures across different mythological systems and pantheons, as well as the archetypal themes they encompass

  • Practical applications of the mythic inner work technique via exercise and discussion

After watching the video, I invite you to join me in the comments for discussion, to ask questions and explore the exercise from the class.

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