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Three Mini Tarot Readings

Three Mini Tarot Readings

Tarot in Practice #2

In this divination I do 3 tarot readings, demonstrating how the cards can be used for guidance with an archetypal approach.

Here is the quote I read from von Franz’s book:

“Very accurate thinkers get irritated with oracle techniques because they are so indefinite. Naturally anything can be read into them, and because it is all so vague, foolish superstitious people always see a connection and after the event say that it was in the oracle. One might say it is all so vague that practically anything could happen, but that is just not true, that is an emotional argument born of a prejudice. It is true, however, in so far as an oracle technique is never quite accurate and cannot predict exactly. Just as a physicist cannot predict a unique event completely accurately, an oracle cannot predict a precise psychological event. But it can give an "expectation list," which can cast an image of a certain area or qualitative field of events and predict that something is going to happen within that field. There is a certain psychological probability because of what Jung calls the collective unconscious.”

-Marie Louise von Franz, “On Divination and Synchronicity”

Reading #1

Question: How can I be sure that a change towards becoming a psychoanalyst is my soul’s path?

Cards drawn: 10 of Wands, The Moon (reversed)

Reading #2

Question: I’m stuck in a past life and looking for solutions. What blockage stops my progress?

Cards drawn: Queen of Swords, 8 of Cups (reversed)

Reading #3

Question: I am processing a divorce and trying to become the new breadwinner as a single mom. I’m looking for advice as I am very overwhelmed.

Cards drawn: 2 of Swords, Ace of Cups

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