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Dreams After Days of Intensity

Dreams After Days of Intensity

Dreamwork in Practice #2

In this divination I explore the significance of dreams that follow intense days, when emotions are running high. Whether it is a fight with a loved one or the rush of excitement of a first date, these heightened states tend to excite unconscious material, resulting in dreams that resonate with greater depth and potential insight.

In the recording, I reflect on my own dream following a heavy analysis session, tracking important images like driving in my car (a symbol of will, movement, and autonomy) and how helping figures can represent resources we are yet unaware of. Also included are a few journal prompts at the end for deeper contemplation of this topic.

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All comments are welcome, but here are a few questions to consider:

  1. What are your dreams like after a particularly intense or emotional day?

  2. Has an image, symbol or aspect of a dream helped you reframe, process or further consider a situation?

  3. Do you notice any other patterns after these days of intensity?

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