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Alchemy In Practice with Arran Rogerson

Alchemy In Practice with Arran Rogerson

Celebrating the release of the Alchemical Inner Work Guidebook

(who writes here on Substack) joins me in conversation to celebrate the launch of our co-authored Alchemical Inner Work Guidebook.

Arran and I have been creative partners for years, most notably in our podcast, the Golden Shadow. Although it has been on hiatus for sometime, our partnership continues behind the scenes. As the logos to my mythos, Arran’s perspective, structure and approach has always grounded and helped shape my intuitive inclinations and archetypal approaches.

In our discussion, we offer insight into the ideas and principles behind the Alchemical Inner Work technique, then demonstrate what it looks like in practice.

Purchase the Alchemical Inner Work Guidebook

The guidebook is the essential resource and reference manual, detailing 14 alchemical operations, foundations of the 3-step technique and more.


  • An introduction on the foundational principles of alchemical inner work

  • Detailed explanation of the 3-step technique

  • 14 operations, each with a summary, alchemical meaning, key phrases for application, and examples

  • Operations: ablutio, calcinatio, coagulatio, coniunctio, distillatio, evaporatio, fermentatio, mortificatio, multiplicatio, putrefactio, rotatio, separatio, solutio, sublimatio

Purchase the Guidebook

You can also purchase the guidebook as a bundle with the introductory workshop on Alchemical Inner Work and the class on the 4 elemental operations1: Purchase the alchemy bundle.

Join the conversation

  • Would you choose a different operation for the examples Arran and I demonstrated?

  • Have you tried the Alchemical Inner Work technique? How has it gone for you?

  • Do you think alchemy works as a useful framing for self-development?

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