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Navigating the Labyrinth with Cristina Farella

Navigating the Labyrinth with Cristina Farella

A discussion on dreams, astrology and myth

Today I am joined in conversation with astrologer Cristina Farella who runs

and is co-host of the Soror Mystica podcast.

Cristina and I have been weaving a discussion on the symbolic themes of the labyrinth myth since she first posted about it on her Substack1. In today’s episode, we journey deeper into the archetypal threads, exploring Cristina’s recurring series of airport dreams, the psychological dynamics present in the ancient Greek myth, how the figures of the Minotaur, Ariadne, Poseidon, and Theseus are represented in astrological work and more.

Cristina offers a variety of consultations and classes for those seeking a mythopoetic approach to astrology. I’ve had the pleasure of receiving 1:1 sessions and attending her classes, all of which have enriched my understanding of cosmic archetypes and their psychological equivalents.

Check out Cristina’s work at the links below:

Join the conversation

  • Which mythic figure of the labyrinth myth do you feel most drawn to?

  • Have you noticed similar themes in your own dreams?

  • What are your thoughts on the blending of astrology and mythology via asteroids?

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