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Tarot & Alchemy

Tarot & Alchemy

The Vessels suit and Splendor Solis

In this divination I utilize the tarot deck Terra Volatile1 to explore inquires submitted from readers. I draw exclusively from a fifth suit unique to this deck, the Vessels, an alchemy inspired set of cards that focus on the elemental quintessence. In the readings, I reference alchemical symbolism from the manuscript Splendor Solis alongside traditional tarot interpretations for insight and guidance.

Reading #1

  • Question: Where should I place more of my attention and focus as I prepare to enter my crone phase of life?

  • Card drawn: X of Vessels

X of Vessels and plate 16 from Splendor Solis

Reading #2

  • Question: What is important for me to understand about this period of stagnancy in my life?

  • Card drawn: IV of Vessels

IV of Vessels and plate 7 and 8 from Splendor Solis

Reading #3

  • Question: How can I get clearer on where to put my energies? To know what’s signal and what’s noise?

  • Card drawn: IX of Vessels

IX of Vessels and plate 15 from Splendor Solis

Join the conversation:

  • What do you think of the vessels suit in this deck?

  • Do alchemical themes pair well with tarot?

  • Have any thoughts, inspirations or insights you’d like to share about the cards drawn?

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Watch my class on tarot and alchemy

If you’re curious to explore the bridge between tarot and alchemy further, you can check out the recording of my class on the subject here:

Tarot & Alchemy

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